Friday, January 22, 2010

oops.........forgot I promised.......sorry!

With all the fracas going on, I forgot I did promise to post some FantasyFest pictures. Well, better late than never......

We did have a wonderful time that weekend. HB and myself, our friends V. and Dr. S. who did join us for some hours of fun before he turned into a pumpkin at midnight (he had to work in the early AM). We stayed at a beautiful little hotel right on the southern beachfront of Key West called the LaMer and Dewey House, which was a class act all around. We ate and drank and made merry all weekend in good company, reveled with the revelers and managed to stay out of too much trouble!

Even the TeenQueen had fun, she met up with her friends there, took some great pictures.

I leave you with some of the pictures

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Anonymous said...

Big fan. thanks for posting...

Bill Greene