Monday, June 7, 2010

Boat Tales

Yesterday I bottom-cleaned my boat. It had been in the water for over a year and needed to come out for servicing and........ugh! cleaning. I couldn't believe what was growing underneath!! Marine life of all colors and shapes! Barnacles! Limpets! Clams! Bearded non-identifiable protoplasm! And of course, it was my job to get it scraped, clean and ready to be stored.

What an adventure! with the help of a high-powered pressure cleaner, a bikini and some Hawaiian Tropic, I set off in 90+ degree weather. Several hours later and with new respect for the stubborn persistence and toughness of barnacles, I was finished and the boat, while not spotless.....had no further discernible sea life clinging to the hull.

"Do something you fear every day." Mission accomplished for the day.

I definitely like being ON the boat not UNDERNEATH it!

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