Thursday, June 17, 2010


My sweet wonderful Bumby. Constant companion, unconditional-love-machine, snuggler, breakfast partner and travel buddy. Always at my side ready to defend my honor, if not my life with her ferocious yappy barks (since she can't bite anyone or anything, including her food!). Everybody hates Bumby but me-honest!! They call her spoiled, retarded, dysfunctional, untrained, yappy, unfriendly. And that's because she's a one-person dog--and that person is ME!

But I love her to death. And I almost lost her last week because she thinks she's Houdini, the ultimate escape artist.

I was spending some time at my best friend's house. I was out and I left her there with the family. And she got out, AND RAN, AND RAN AND RAN AND RAN. Didn't stop until she reached a major road. My friends went after her, but she just looked at them and went in the opposite direction---SWOOSH!!!!! RUN BUMBY RUN!!!! RUN INTO TRAFFIC!!!

SO.....she crossed the major road.....with half a neighborhood now joining the search party.....and promptly disappeared. Various search cars were out calling for her, looking for her. Bumby was nowhere to be found.

While all this excitement was going on, I arrive at my friend's house. I notice the garage door open, the door unlocked, and inside the house, her purse, her cell phone on the counter. No sign of her....odd. No Bumby either.....odd. So I wait. And wait some more....and then I'm hoping that what I'm thinking isn't happening but I'm not sure......

My friend arrives and breaks the bad news: Bubbles has ESCAPED!!! She's on Pine Island Road crossing at rush hour!! Immediate mental pictures of roadkill fill my head....NOOOOOOO!!!! Please God not this week!!! Anything but this!!!

Out I go on the road looking for her. No sign of the dog, but also, NO ROADKILL anywhere.....she's somewhere......but where? She's in a strange place, where she's never been before. She's not used to traffic. My Bumby.....lost and cold and wet and shivering.....Mom's freaking!

Some instinct inside my head tells me to pull over on the busy highway. I park the car and continue the search on foot. Not 3 feet beyond my car I call her name........and she crawls out from under a bush, shaking and terrified and OH SO HAPPY TO SEE ME!!!

I could have killed her if I wasn't so happy she was alive!!

NO DOGGY TREATS FOR YOU TONIGHT!!!! Just hugs and a silent prayer to God thanking him that my little bundle of dysfunction was safe at my side.

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