Thursday, June 24, 2010

Life is never too DULL......

I can't believe it's almost July! Where has this year gone? I know I've been busy BUSY BUSY but this is ridiculous! It seems like only yesterday I was packing up to leave the Keys, starting work in Miami, going back and forth and PRESTO!!! July 4th is just around the corner. Gotta learn to slow down, like I did in Paradise. Just the fact that I spend hours commuting every week is a drag. At the same time, I've carved out time to see friends, go to the beach, just tan is up to date, I'm still walking (just changed the venue a little bit) and professionally, I'm thriving again!

As you may know, I was an agency nurse in Miami for many years. I went EVERYWHERE!! I worked with a lot of doctors, nurses, anesthesiologists and CRNA's, most who I haven't seen in the 7 years since I blew out of town. Now that I'm back, I'm seeing people I used to work with everywhere. They've changed venues, I've changed venues. Sometimes they're in the same place. It's nice to walk into a healthcare environment and somebody instantly recognizing you from when they worked with you before. It makes the whole agency "walk in, hit the floor running" atmosphere just a bit easier.

Not that I'm work gives me the freedom to work when I want, where I want, in the department of my choosing for primo bucks. Surgical recovery and ER via agency is very democratic-whatever rolls through the door. Could be me this time, next time it's regular staff's turn. Unlike working agency for ICU, where you KNOW you will get dumped with the 3 worst patients on the floor because the staff needs a break. Understandable, but're really going to make me sweat blood for this $500 shift, aren't you?

I've worked for the same agency since the mid-90's. Surgistaff specializes in OR, PACU, and ambulatory personnel. They do some ER/ICU on the side, but they focus on surgical RN's. They have been absolutely wonderful to me from day ONE, and I've referred many nurses to them over the years. And usually, I don't do five different places five days a week. I get booked FAST. Places will use me once or twice, then they book me exclusively for extended periods of time. I've spent months in many locations.

The upside? NO POLITICS. You do your work, you take good care of your patients, you go home. End of story. I know it's not for everyone, but if you can ROLL with the punches, it's a great job. And no matter how bad it get to go home in a few hours and NEVER GO BACK! I've done that too!

Now if I could only find myself a rich doctor who would buy me a 50' sailboat!!!!

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