Monday, May 19, 2008


I've decided to go back to school. It's been a long time coming. Mind you, I have in the past put my toes in the pond of higher education. But it's been 18 years (GASP!) since I've been in school. I'm getting older and my brain isn't what it used to be. More forgetful, more things to juggle. But it's time. And no matter what anyone says, only YOU know when it's time.

But there's a problem. I am geographically undesirable. I live in the middle of nowhere. I can't afford the time and travel to go to Miami, where there are a million programs available. I have to do it here, between shifts, between dealing with house, husband, work and teen. And that severely limits me. Or does it?

I've been looking around and doing some serious research. As much as I'd like to be in a regular program, I can't just haul off right now. We just GOT HERE. And now when I'm starting to get the groove of this place, I don't want to leave. I admit it, life here is just toooo stress-free to just give up like that. So where does that leave my options?

Thank God for online programs!! I have many colleagues who swear by this! Classes on your own time, on your own schedule. At home in my flamingo jammies. No commuting (not a bad deal with the price of gas) and the opportunity to get your degree even if you live in Timbuktu. So I made the appropriate phone calls, filled out the paperwork and VOILA! I'm ready for school.

The program I have chosen is a dual MSN-MHA. Master's of Nursing and Master's in Health Administration. Three extra classes gets me the dual masters. One class every eight weeks. Just a little over 2 years worth of work. And after that, perhaps a certificate programs to complete coursework for ARNP licensure.

My little venture into academia hopefully will have ramifications. It may motivate my daughter to pay more attention to her studies. A little mother-daughter study hall, maybe? It may get her back on track academically if she has an EXAMPLE. And a realistic example that studying DOES get you somewhere. Because right now, she's so down on school.

What do I want out of this? I don't expect more marketability. I know I am marketable. I just want more options in the future. Maybe a different path. I don't want to do the same thing forever. Maybe teach again. Who knows.....

It's time. This summer is prep time. Take the CCRN and CEN. Get that over with. Then we dive head first into the world of higher education!

I think my complaints about being bored are about to end......

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jeepgirl said...

Thank you so much for swinging by to visit. The cop and I have toyed with the idea of moving to the Keys, so your blog is just what I need!
As far as CEN and CCRN.... I did all of that last summer and I would HIGHLY RECCOMMEND David Woodruff's prep course. I had the CD's downloaded to my computer and then put them on my IPOD. If you can do CCRN, CEN is easy. Just remember everything is ABC first and foremost the rest is easy!
Keep blogging.... I love it!