Sunday, May 18, 2008

Have you ever been on the Seven Mile Bridge? It's an experience not to be forgotten. It is long, entirely over water for its entire span, and only 2 lanes. It was replaced from the original bridge span in the early 1980's and widened, but it's still only 2 lanes. The original bridge is still there, with big chunks taken out for sailboat access. Part of it is being used for pedestrian traffic. The other half has structural damage.

I get a kick out of going on the bridge. In the daytime the water view is incredible. At night you are surrounded by blackness and that sinking feeling in your stomach when you realize there is nothing beside you.....only water and it's a long way down!

Yesterday I went UNDER the bridge for the first time. In the boat. I looked at all of those pylons holding up a massive bridge in the middle of the ocean. It takes your breath away. When you realize this bridge was built in 1909 without modern construction technology, you gain a new respect for the labor put into it.

Also, we got pulled over yesterday by the Coast Guard for a "routine" inspection. Nothing special, just checking for registration, life vests, flares, etc. We passed. No illegal migrants hidden in the hold!

The beach was perfect as usual. My tan gets better by the day. And Sunset Celebration begins in 1 hour. Shrimp are on ice, as is the champagne. The perfect end to the weekend.

I just need to lure Papi away from Boston-Cleveland basketball game. Somehow.....

Oh well. Bumby likes shrimp and champagne too!

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