Friday, July 11, 2008


We're honeymooning for the summer. Teen Queen is to Miami, then leaving for Peru for the rest of the summer. The house is clean, quiet reigns with the occasional pitter-patter of the pets. No arguments. No loud music unless it's OUR music....HEAVEN!

I am temporarily sidelined with an eye infection which prohibits me from wearing contact lenses. So I AM BLIND! HOPELESSLY BLIND! Can't read, can't watch TV, can barely use the computer unless the font size is at its biggest. Can't drive, can't work, can barely get out of bed without stubbing a toe or running into something. I'm pretty blind (I wear contacts AND reading glasses on top of those) and I've already sliced my finger loading the dishwasher. So what's a girl to do?

The house-hunting is not yielding anything we like. We saw a very cute little A-frame house on a private beach which was great.....except it was the only house in a trailer park. Pass on that. There are plenty of houses available everywhere except in Marathon, where we're close to work. All we want is a cute little house with a kitchen big enough for Papi, a place for the boat, a killer sunset view and tile floors for the pets. Hopefully things will come available, since this little house turns into a pumpkin at the end of August.

All systems are GO for my transfer into PACU in September. My tenure in the ER is coming to an end. My life on the night shift is about to expire. My fun job. My most excellent, irreverent, outrageous co-workers, I'll miss you all. But....if anyone out there is interested in a way cool ER RN job in Paradise, let me know....I'll hook you up!

I've got 3 shifts coming up starting tonight....if my eyes behave and I can wear my contacts. One more day locked in the house blind and I'll have to scream, out of boredom, if not pain.

From Paradise, love and margaritas for all...HAPPY FRIDAY!!


Anonymous said...

I had to nearly stop wearing my contacts after wearing them exclusively for many years. My Opthamologist diagnosed me with GPC and I mostly wear my glasses now. I'm nearly blind too,I need reading glasses w/ contacts also. (It seems like one should cancel out the other.)It's taken me a while to get used to wearing them,I only wear my contacts for a shift then I come home and take them out. Bummer!

Intubate Em!!! said...

Please stop posting these things!!! You are killing me with your pictures of paradise and thoughts of margaritas!!!