Monday, September 8, 2008


On and under the Seven Mile Bridge only minutes from the first rain bands. Wind speed 35-45mph

We're still here.

The day started out sunny, breezy, beautiful. It started to deteriorate around noon.
It's just starting to hit us. The outer rain bands are coming off Cuba now. As of the 11AM NOAA advisory, the storm has veered slightly south and the Keys are out of the cone, but still expecting tropical force winds and rain. Evacuations for Monday have been called off, but the authorities are advising those evacuated to stay put and not return.

The hospitals are CLOSED. All of them. So if anyone has a real emergency, they are out of luck. That's the part that scares me the most. You get a stroke or a heart attack, you can kiss yourself goodbye. Police and Coast Guard presence are down to a minimum. There are still a few stores open for business, but I'm sure as the day and the winds progress, things will come to a grinding halt.

I'm less anxious because I know that at least it's not going to be a killer storm. I can relax, enjoy my enforced days off and be ready to work like a maniac when things open up again.

I guess Papi was right: He prayed the storm away. The power of positive thinking! Now if only he would stop cooking up a storm inside the house!

Thanks to all the well-wishers for all your thoughts and prayers. We are thankful and grateful this didn't turn out to be the disaster it could have been.

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