Tuesday, September 9, 2008


We're still in the midst of tropical storm winds. Since last night it's been howling and the wind and debris have been hitting the side of the house. Between rain bands, it's still windy. Walking the dog has been a humorous high point, since she only weighs 4 pounds and sometimes the wind seems to almost lift her off the ground. She's not amused. In fact she's been hiding under the covers and staying close to me all day. Just a little spooked.

The residents have been advised to stay off the roads all day. There was a part of the Overseas Highway this morning that was flooded and impassable. Near the same area, a big rig overturned due to the high winds. There were also some tornado warnings, but mostly in the Upper Keys area, where they've been experiencing the outer bands.

Parts of Key West are flooded, like the south end of Duval St. and Southernmost Point, where the "90 miles to Cuba" buoy is located. Party town that it is, the bars are open, but the ER wasn't opening until 7PM tonight. Where did all the lost souls go when we were closed? I would love to be there tonight, even as a fly on the wall to see what the cat drags in!

All that anxiety that was built up......how anticlimactic an ending...I guess it's back to work tomorrow. No loss of life or property, only a few flying coconuts, mucho Weather Channel and NOAA website checks.

Paradise should be back to normal very soon!


jeepgirl said...

Saw a tornado came through Islamorada. Are you and yours doing ok?? Is closing ER's common when a hurricane threatens? I have worked through a couple and it totally sucked. Be safe!

mojitogirl said...

Because of the proximity to the water and the storm surge, all our hospitals close and evacuate patients. We're never really more that 50 yards from the water anywhere around here, usually closer. We had a few tornado watches, but the one in Islamorada was about 30 miles up US 1. They seemed to have the most problems, from the impassible roads to the overturned semi truck.

In retrospect, this storm was truly much ado about nothing. I worked THROUGH Andrew in 1992. Everything pales in comparison.

ToradolQueen said...

Oh girls, I would give anything to be back down there!! I toil away in the fabulous midwest - 2 days away from any water to speak of. My house is full of Key West items lovingly collected during Parrothead retreats and my Jeep tries way to hard to head South when it should be thinking about heading to work. I am so glad to read that the road to Paradise is still intact...! Passing out Toradol and work notes in Possum Lodge is SO much easier when daydreaming about the beach!!!

Nurse Practitioners Save Lives said...

I hope that things are okay down there. My niece and her boyfriend live in the Keys as well. Hope to become one of "Your Homies" as well. Ha! Ha!