Monday, September 22, 2008


Where have I been? I seemed to have lost track of time. It's only because the TeenQueen looked at the blog and exclaimed, "MOM! Why haven't you posted lately?" that I realized that there's no juicy stories to tell. No tales of crazy nights in the ER. Just the slow hum of sedated patients waking up from their procedures, the endless tasks of total joint replacement, the uncertainty of being on call and sleeping with the beeper under your pillow.

MAN, AM I BORED! and probably boring to boot. Hence, the lack of posts.

On the other hand, Papi and I have been back in the water lately. After the storms, we needed to back to the sea. I was craving sunlight and Hawaiian Tropic and salty ocean air. We've had awesome weather lately, so we finally got out to Money Key--these are the three little islands that are visible right off the Seven Mile Bridge, accessible by water only. Even Bumby went out and enjoyed swimming around. Picked up some awesome conch shells, snorkeled around and had a good old time!

But things are looking up.....I've booked several ER shifts for October! In addition to Key West PACU shifts, which are plentiful, I get to play in the ER during FantasyFest, which is the BIG event here in October! I can't wait to get back into the action again!

I've got a birthday coming up. Papi won't tell me what he's planning. TeenQueen's Homecoming dance is the same night. She managed to finagle a great dress and shoes from her father in Miami and she looks awesome in it. Hopefully she won't mess things up and be grounded before the dance. She even has a DATE and everything! I'll post pictures later....


JS said...

I wish I was in the keys, you are so lucky! JS

ToradolQueen said...

I need regular posting - thanks Teen Queen!! Not gonna make it to the Keys this year - so I am requesting some Fantasy Fest fun blogging!