Sunday, September 28, 2008

Vinales ravaged by the storms

These are pictures of my second hometown: the place in Cuba where my parents are from. I've been there many times over the years and I consider it a little piece of home. It's a famed valley which is noted for its beauty and excellent tobacco production. I still have family there. I love it because it's so peaceful and far away from civilization. Unfortunately it took a horrible beating from Hurricane Gustav and Ike, damaging almost 100% of its crops and destroying or damaging most of its quaint housing.

The hotel pictured is on a hill overlooking the valley. I've been there many times and never fail to observe the natural beauty of the place. I was particularly distressed after seeing the video posted above, recounting the destruction that they have suffered. It looks like the hotel, though, is still standing.
You feel pretty powerless when you're less than 100 miles away and can't do squat to help them because of the stupid laws on both sides of the water.

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